Affiliate Marketing Funnel That Exploded ($3.5k in over a Mo)

Funnel Case Study.

Lately during Covid times there’s been a rise of affiliate marketers!

…promoting products like 25Dollar1Up;

& Indian programs as well like, LeadsArk, BizGurukul etc.

They were affiliate programs which offer huge commissions, somewhat around 70%-90%.

My client asked me if I could suggest him any way to get him leads for his Affiliate Course.

At that time he was promoting 25Dollar1up which sells for $25 and $100.

Here’s when the idea of an affiliate marketing funnel popped up.

I told him about the potential of having a funnel for his business;

…how things would be, the pages that his funnel would have and the trackability.

He was interested to know more about about how it’s done. 

I onboarded him and we started building the offer + funnel right away! 

He had some great previous results (student testimonials) which I plugged it on his funnel page so that we could get good conversions.

Here’s how the funnel looked like:

You might be wondering, why am I not collecting emails?

Isn’t that an important step?

Yes, definitely it is.


The only problem…


I tried multiple services like MailChimp, MailJet, Mailerlite etc, but they did not approve his account at all because his content was related to Affiliate marketing.

And affiliate marketing niche is kinda prohibited in the email marketing arena…. I guess. 

So we had to directly get the users to watch the training page.

…which means, no collecting emails! :/ 

 He promoted 2 products. One 25Dollar1UP & the other, LeadsArk. He sold them both to Indian audience. We targeted people around 21-30 age groups on Facebook. And as you can see in the funnel, to actually close the sale talking on WhatsApp is crucial. 

We tested the ad.

Initially we ran mostly send message ads on his Instagram page.

…which we had to stop because of the high conversion cost.

What worked best for us is the traffic ads on the funnel page itself.

We spent $50 on testing (for 5 days)

and then gradually when we saw good ad costs and better leads we increased the budget from $10 per day to $25 per day.

 So apparently the primary use of the funnel was to nurture the audience and to get super high quality people who message by their own on his WhatsApp.   

We were pulling off 2-3 sales per day.

And not everyone who DM’s us on day 1 buys on the same day, they buys in future days…. like maybe on day 3,4,5 etc.

So in a nutshell, the funnel was profitable!

For every $1 put in, it was giving us $6-7 back.

One goes to the language select page when they clicks on the ACCESS THE TRAINING page. 

So after one chooses the language, they would watch a webinar done by the founders of the affiliate program. 

Here’s the Recorded Webinar page; 

After someone watches the webinar they message my client on WhatsApp. 

So what does this mean? 

Whoever messages him, are SUPER HOT LEADS. 

They are not even leads, they are 70% qualified buyers! 

This has made the process simple and effective. 

He was getting 6-8 messages daily & an average of 1-2 sales. 

…and we were spending $25 every day. 


By 40 days we’ve spent around $624 on Facebook Ads as you can see…

He did somewhere around $3.5k in sales in 40 days and got a net profit of $2.8k

So this was another successful funnel we built together which literally exploded.

Even today he’s using that funnel to get clients for his mentorships! 

A Key Point: One of the reasons why the affiliate funnel worked well is because of the offer! We weren’t just selling the course. We were selling an offer. For example: Whoever purchases the $100 plan gets a free 1-1 mentorship. Plus whoever purchases the bigger plans ($150 plan I guess) gets help until they gets their first sale. That was one of the game changer.   

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