A Course Funnel that Generated $72k in 2 months.

This is the case study of a coaching funnel that has generated over $72k in less than 2 months! 

$71,953 in 60 days! 

Our client Josh is a day trading coach and he sells his 1-1 coaching for $2,500. 

He was making a couple of sales here and there. 

But, it wasn’t predictable. (at all)

One month he gets the sales coming in, 

AND the next month? Nada. Nill. 

The problem was, the leads that he was getting were junk. Josh was getting most of the leads from Instagram. But people who would invest $2500 for coaching were less. 

A Battle Tested Funnel Strategy.

A battle tested funnel strategy, Thats the only thing he needed to get to the next level.  It could get him to the $20k, $30k or even over $50k per month! (with minimal work)

These are the assets he already had when we started working with him… 


An Ugly WordPress Website.


An eBook


An Instagram Account with 30k followers.


A Proven Offer (thankfully)

With what he had, we started working with him.

Firstly, we came up with a strategy plan. (as mentioned above). We decided to go with a front end offer.

A low ticket offer that would bring in the potential leads. After some brainstorming, we decided to go with a mini-course (it had only 3 videos), and we priced it at $37

So the goal was to sell the mini-course, (which was irresistible & low priced) and then upsell the Coaching Program.

We made sure the mini-course was built in a way that people would perceive our client as an expert.

The $100k Coaching Funnnel

This was the funnel in a nutshell

The mini-course (tripwire) was the entry point for a customer. 

The course contains 3 value videos and 1 VSL. 

The VSL is a value bomb with a CTA to book a Free Strategy call. 

His potential coaching students paid $37 for the front end offer. 

And once they are sold, they are added to an email sequence. Over the emails, we pushed them to the VSL video which had a CTA to book a call. 

That was the entire funnel. 


In less than two weeks we built the entire funnel and started sending traffic to it. 

We used Facebook Ads as our primary traffic source. 

On the first day we spent some $125 for testing at an early bird price ($37 – a pop)

We did 4 sales on Day 1 $125 spent – made back $151. 

That’s 4 emails being triggered. 

Pew… pew… pew… pew. 

Until the 3th day, we spent a total of $324.

Made back $743. That’s 17 sales. (2.3 ROAS), Not bad, heh? 

 The front end offer was doing pretty good on cold audience. (Not to mention the deadly competition in the business niche) 

 We tested with different prices… 

 $37, $45, and even $99 a pop. 

By the end of 20 days, we spent $1,351 on Facebook Ads and made back $2,579. 

 1.9 ROAS on cold traffic! 

That was decent, The goal was never to make money with the tripwire. 

The big focus was the coaching package.

That was our big money maker. 

We stopped the ads by the end of that month.

Here’s the 30 day stats :

  • 72 Course Sales. (total –$3614)
  • 3 Coaching Sales. ($3999 a pop)
  • $15,967 Generated. ($3960 + $11,997)
  • $2,124 Spent (Ads + Business Expense)

That’s how the first 30 day looked like. 

We didn’t run ads for the next month. 

Because the goal was to make those coaching sales. With 72 course sales, our client had a busy month doing some sales calls. We helped him build systems for his business so that he could automate most of the parts. 

The first month, he did 3 coaching sales… which made him $12k 

And then in the next month, we worked on the email game and sent out promotional content. 

He ended up doing 14 more coaching sales in the next month. 

That’s 14 x $3999 = $55,986 in the second month. 

That month was a lot of work.  Not just for our client but also for us.

But it worked out extremely well. In a period of 2 months

we did a gross profit of $55,986 + $15,957 = $71,953

That’s just in 2 months.

The magic?


1. A High Converting Sales Page for the front end.

2. A VSL that made people attracted to the High Ticket offer.


That was what we were able to achieve in 60 days and we had a lovely journey together with this client.

Best part? He hit $100k in 78 days from working with us.

That is all about this case study breakdown. If you are a coach and you want to genuinely help people with your services, we’re one call away from helping you help them!

See you soon!

Course Price: $37 (generated: $3614): 72 sales

Coaching Package: $3999 (generated: $67,983): 17 sales

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